Fun Facts About the Oil Change

When is the last time the oil was changed in your vehicle? If it has been some time, make sure you get in touch with the professionals to arrange service. An oil change is an important service that all vehicle owners need. Read below to learn more fun facts about the oil change and do not miss out on the benefits that it offers to your life.

One of the Most Important Vehicle Services

No matter the make or model vehicle you drive, an oil change is an essential service that keeps the car running its best for longer. Failure to change the oil hurts the engine and may cause component and vehicle breakdown and wear and tear. Refer to the owner’s manual to learn when to change the oil. For most drivers, service is needed every 3,000 to 7,000 miles.

You Should Check the Oil

Although you may know when to change the oil, you never know when problems and mishaps will occur. Check the dipstick in your car to measure the level of oil in the engine and add it when necessary. Make sure to check the oil before any long-distance trips to prevent problems as well.

DIY Options

Although you can change the oil in your car yourself, it’s better to take the vehicle into the pros to have it done instead. Professionals offer service that keeps your car at its best. Arrange for a 10-minute quick lube newark nj and be on your way before you know what to say.

More Than Oil

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When you take in your vehicle for an oil change, they’ll change the liquid as well as the filter that keeps out dirt, debris, and components so that it doesn’t affect the engine. This is yet another reason why it’s so important to keep the oil change service as scheduled.